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Luoghi del Contemporaneo

Luoghi del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Venues) is a project endorsed by the Directorate-general for Contemporary creativity of the Ministry of culture, whose aim is to map and promote the network of contemporary art venues in Italy.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create a constantly updated on line platform, as a useful tool to learn about and enhance the italian contemporary art scene.

It’s the first institutional acknoledgement achieved by MiC and devoted to contemporary art scene in Italy.


Luoghi del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Venue) is a public or private place, institutional or independent, with a structured identity as a place dedicated to the promotion, exhibition and valorization of contemporary art.

It has no commercial purpose and can have a collection or be a simple exhibition space. It carries out regular activities and guarantees use from being open to the public. A public space characterized by the presence of a freely usable work of art is also a contemporary place.


A first mapping of the Luoghi del Contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Venues) in Italy, by MiBACT in 2003 and edited by DARC – Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture, led to the publication of the book I luoghi del contemporaneo. Musei, gallerie, centri d’arte e fondazioni in Italia.

In 2012 the Contemporary Architecture and Art Service of the Directorate-General for the Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art performed an update to the new edition of the guide I luoghi del contemporaneo. Contemporary art venues 2012.

Given the dynamic and changing nature of the contemporary art scene, having an online interactive mapping, founded on a geolocalized and editable online database is becoming a necessity.

Thanks to the new site the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity aims to report the changes occured in the geography of Contemporary Art Venues. At the same time the mapping has been organized according to a typological division which includes, not only well known traditional spaces, but also independent spaces, company museums and a selection of artworks in urban and public spaces.


Luoghi del contemporaneo (Contemporary Art Venues) is a search platform aiming to contribute to the real-time monitoring of the contemporary art scenario in Italy. It will be implemented and amended based on the dynamics of the current art scene.

Business-driven organisations have not been added to this platform.

The platform contributes to promoting and enhancing contemporary art and artists, and falls within the scope of the Directorate-General.

The working group of Contemporary Art Venues project will remain active as a data observatory, for the analysis of the transformation in the contemporary world scene.

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